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New Release on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

I couldn't wait any longer!

I had planned to release this book over the summer as a little break between the shifters and the vamps, but I just couldn't wait. I'm so excited for you to read Tyler and Ailee's story!

Although he doesn't have any supernatural strength or fangs, Tyler Hale has been one of my favorite heroes to write, y'all. Spending time in his head and in his heart was hard sometimes. He has some issues. And one scene in particular had me breaking down while I was trying to type, but I'm so glad I wrote his story.

And Ailee is the perfect heroine for him. She's also a mature heroine, closer to my age than his. And she has some issues with that...among other things. But she and her bff kept me giggling! Which was good.

I needed the breaks from Tyler's headspace...

Another thing that's different about this book? I released it into KU! And you all KNOW how I feel about KU. But I decided to go that route because it's not my normal genre and it's kind of out there on its own, so I figured "What the hell?" (If you're not a subscriber to KU, you can still get the book the normal way by buying it on Amazon.)

I hope you enjoy reading Tyler and Ailee's story! Please let me know what you think!

Much love,


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