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My Weekend at Wanderlust San Antonio 2018

This weekend I was a signing author at Wanderlust in San Antonio, put on by the very handsome and talented Wander Aquiar and his team. Wander is an AMAZING photographer, and you'll see his photos on the covers of my upcoming series, The Sergones Coven.

We stayed at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, right across the street from The Alamo. And it's HAUNTED, y'all. At least, that's the rumor. I, myself, did not see any apparitions other than my own tired face in the mirror (which was tired because I couldn't sleep because I was waiting to see ghosts).

The hotel opened in San Antonio in 1859, "ushering in a new era of sophistication on the Texas frontier", and was later expanded to make room for all of the guests who wanted to stay there. According to the hotel's website, "Exorbitant cattle sales and oil deals were sealed over handshakes and shots of rye at the bar. And it was at this same bar that Theodore Roosevelt recruited his famous Rough Riders cavalry brigade."

The haunted section is the original hotel. I didn't stay in this section (probably why we didn't see any ghosts), but I did get some photos of the lobby...

The open lobby on the original side of the Menger Hotel. Paintings adorned the walls and the rooms were on the second and third floor.

The exterior of the original part of the hotel.

Soldiers guarding the door, antique piano and paintings in the original entrance.

The stained glass ceiling above the original lobby.

A sitting area.


My PA, Dani, and I actually stayed in the newer section of the hotel (which is probably why I didn't see any ghosts). However, that's where Texas's oldest bar is...

Teddy Roosevelt.

The hallway outside our room. (No ghosts.)

Checking the mirrors for ghosts.

The pool area.

Antique display cases.

The courtyard near the ballroom.

The lobby on the newer side.

Not sure what this pose was supposed to be. LOL

The oldest bar in Texas. Many presidents and historical figures wheeled and dealed here.

The newer side of The Menger Hotel.

And if you happen to be wondering who's going to be on the next book cover for Fire of the Dreki, book 1 of The Sergones Coven... Say hello to Jonny James.

Some behind the scenes stuff:

Lunch put on for the authors and VIP ticket holders by Wanderlust.