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The Story Of The Vampires and the Moss Witches Continues...

Night of the Vampire

Deathless Night-Into The Dark Series #1

My name is Killian Rice, and I am a vampire. Come Into The Dark with this new series by L.E. Wilson, and enter her Deathless Night. A world of immortals with only one weakness: The witches who can destroy us…

Secret of The Vampire

Deathless Night-Into The Dark Series #2

Bad boys were never my thing, unless they existed within the pages of a book. Until Alex Moss came to my rescue like some sort of avenging angel.

Yet even as his kisses made me crave more, there was something about him that frightened me. It wasn’t until I tasted his blood that I knew it wasn’t magic that brought us together, but fate.

The warlock is MINE.

Forsworn By The Vampire

Deathless Night-Into The Dark Series #3


I was born a slave. I refused to die as one.

Not even for a witch like Angel Moss. With hair like fire and a body made for sin, nothing about her lived up to her name. That right there should have been enough to warn me away, but like a moth to a flame, I’m lured into her secrets. And with the first taste of her blood, the truth slams into me like a nightmare come true.


Angel is MINE, only she isn’t taking me to heaven.

She’s dragging me to hell.



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