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A Fake Fiancé on Snow Ridge

Snow Ridge Shifters #2

A werewolf, a stalker, and a woman who shines like the sun walk into a bar. No, seriously…


Adam Baston screwed up. One minute, he was watching his pack leader embarrass himself on the dance floor, and the next, he’s playing hero to a damsel in distress. And while it was her idea to tell everyone they’re engaged, he’ll have to be the one to end it. Because being with her endangers every shifter in their small town.


So, why can’t he just let her go?


Faye Sterling wasn’t looking for a fiancé, fake or otherwise. But she wasn’t going to reject Adam’s help, either—even though he’s grumpy, growly, and unreasonably sexy. If pretending to be with him keeps her creepiest fan away, she’s game. Besides, Adam’s growing on her a little. Ok, a lot. 


So, why does she feel like he’s keeping dark, dangerous secrets from her?


Vampire Romance for Adults


Paranormal Romance

for Adults


More Vampires

Deathless Night Series Continues

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Small Town Shifter Romance for Adults


Shifter Romance for Adults

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