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A Second Chance on Snow Ridge

Snow Ridge Shifters #1

If it wasn’t for a cow named Mistletoe, they never would’ve met, and this never would’ve happened.


Riko Silvano came barreling back into Addison’s life the same way he’d left it, with zero warning and shrouded in secrets. But it didn’t matter. She didn’t need him. She had a good life in the small town where they’d grown up. A life that Riko f-ing Silvano had wanted no part of. He’d broken her heart, and it had never quite mended back together. But now he was back, looking way better in his thirties than he ever had in high school…


Twenty years ago, Riko couldn’t get out of this suffocating town fast enough. But not for the reasons people think. He’d left to protect her—Addison Conley. The girl who’d had his poor heart squeezed tight in her fist since the first time he’d seen her, and he’d sworn he’d never come back. See, he was a shifter. And Addison, well, she wasn’t. Back in his younger days, he’d happily rebelled against the pack laws that said they couldn’t be together, but now that he was older and wiser…


Yeah, nope. He still couldn’t stay away from her. No matter how hard he tried. But it’ll take a lot more than the magic of the holiday season—and an old cow—to convince Addison to give Riko a second chance to win back his first, and only, love.


It’ll take a damn miracle.


Vampire Romance for Adults


Paranormal Romance

for Adults


More Vampires

Deathless Night Series Continues

a second chance on snow ridge high res.jpeg

Small Town Shifter Romance for Adults


Shifter Romance for Adults

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