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Fae Deception

The Kincaid WErewolves #4

There's a fine line between who you love and what you hate.


For Lucian Kincaid, that line may as well be a wall. As far as this Scottish shifter is concerned, the only good Faerie is a dead Faerie. With the Fae's deceitful nature, his wolf is forever on edge when they're around, ready to bust out at the slightest provocation. Until a chance encounter with a human woman captures the interest of the predator inside of him. His need to be near her is unexpected. His hunger for her insatiable.


Before the truth of her identity is revealed…


Being chased down by creatures determined to suck out her soul is not the way Keelin Doran pictured her evening walk. Lucky for her, she's rescued by something far scarier—a wolf with a thirst for blood who shifts into a man beautiful in his savagery. Despite the rage she senses simmering just beneath the surface, he makes her feel safe, and her body instantly craves his. But her heart is not prepared for the man beneath the fur, or the revelation his presence in her life reveals.


Keelin is The Key.

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